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W H I T E   P E O N Y   F A R M

Looking for their Happily Ever After

All the love, healing and care has been given to our WHITE PEONY FARM rescue and the time has come for us to find their permanent, loving home. Each day beginning Monday, April 5 we will be sharing one of our beautiful adoptable pups below during our APRIL ADOPT-A-THON, telling their story through words and photographs. 

 Should your heart and head fall in love with one of these amazing and deserving dogs, like our amazing SAMMY here and below, please reach out to us by hitting the  "Connect" button below and request an Adoption application. 

SAMMY - when we first saw his intake picture from Palm Valley Animal Services in Edinburg, TX we knew we had to act for this boy. We were not sure that SAMMY (once Tyson) would actually survive, he was in such bad shape.

SAMMY in the car on rescue day. He had only 5% fur, emaciated, HW+  and so sad. It became very apparent that SAMMY was a special pup, hanging on  on through his Vet treaments, receiving love.

After months of healing, going through HW treatments and growing in an amazing brindle coat SAMMY is healthy and stunning! 70 pounds of love, is good with other dogs, loves to go on walkies.

SAMMY is a miracle pup and has taught us all a lesson in resiliency. He has been through the worst yet loves with all his heart. Ready and  looking for a heart to steal. Could it be yours?

AUSTIN: Our second street pup rescue, this beautiful boy is the son of sweet  Charlotte and brother to Raleigh. Just  14 months old with the sweetest personality, AUSTIN is calm, gentle, smart and catches on to new experiences quickly. Loves playtime with other pups! AUSTIN can be shy with new people but warms up quickly when he knows he is in a safe place. Healthy and ready for a loving home of his own.  

We met AUSTIN through this FB post of a homeless trio in Donna, TX. On the streets with  Mama Charlotte and sister Raleigh, they proved elusive to all our efforts. Austin was the first to become a White Peony Farm pup.

AUSTIN, 14 months old is such a gentle pup, reserved but full of curiosity and love. He loves to discover new things and  playtime with other pups is a favorite pastime.  He loves to carry around a stuffy!

Weighing in at 45 pounds, AUSTIN is a pup for all families. Gentle and kind he warms up to strangers slowly but once in he's all in!  AUSTIN will totally steal your heart with his sweet nature and almond eyes. 

We cannot say enought about AUSTIN. A little pup trying to survive on the streets was no place for him.  He's put that all behind him and is now ready to make a new life with a forever family. Can that be YOU?

SAVANNAH: Our beautiful little black bear SAVANNAH has come a long way since being rescued from Palm Valley Animal Services in November.  At 18 months, Savannah has blossomed into a stunning girl with full black coat,  a white blaze on her chest.  Listed as a Shepherd Mix, SAVANNAH  is healthy and ready for her new permanent, loving home. A petite girl, weighing in at 42 pounds Savannah is the perfect cuddle companion, and that's exactly what she loves when done with her adventures.  

SAVANNAH was in terrible condition  when we rescued her from Palm Valley Animal Sevices in Edinburg, TX. Her intake photo (below) made us gasp. She had perhaps 5% fur and a terrible skin condition. Even with all she had suffered she only knew to give love.

It took a little while for SAVANNAH to grown in her beautiful coat and here she is halfway thru the process with peach fuzz all over her. As you can tell she loves belly rubs and has a very sweet personality. We love watching her prance as she walks!

SAVANNAH is now 18 months old and looking gorgeous with her full black coat, a white blaze on her chest. Warm brown eyes full of mischief, SAVANNAH loves adventure but is ready to settle down when needed. Quite a charmer! 

SAVANNAH is truly a Southern Girl.  She loves to be pampered and at a petite height & 42 pounds she's quite the little lady.  SAVANNAH has come a long way and we are so excited about her finding a new family to call her own.  Could that be you? 

IT'S PUPPIES! GRACIE, PIPER, SIMON & OLIVER born 8 months ago in Donna, TX (November 2020) to attentive Mama Charlotte.  Found under a shed at a local school these 4 have grown up so quickly and are now ready for their forever homes.  Full of life, curiosity, and when it comes to play and cuddles, watch out they are all in!  Snoozing is a favorite past-time! Learn a little about each one of these adorable puppies in the paragraphs below. UTD on all shots, Potty Trained (some accidents still happen)  and ready to learn the basics with a new family. More pics to interested adopters.

GRACIE: 8 months old, beautiful in black with a white blaze on her chest, gorgeous Gracie is the smallest of the foursome. She has a  sweet personality and is very much a happy girl, Potty trained and eager to learn the basics with her new owners. 

PIPER: 8 months old, multi-colored girl has the mellowest personality of these 4 cuties. Happy to sit with you, enjoying all cuddles & kisses. Piper is the largest of the foursome. Potty trained & also eager to learn the basics with new owners. 

SIMON: 8 months boy pup # 1 is full of personality, curiosity & play. His blonde all over color makes him a dead ringer for a lab.  Almost a Twin to Oliver - told apart by the black dots on his cute pink tongure. Potty trained & ready for the basics!

OLIVER: At 8 months old who can resist this full of life pup? Almost a Twin to Simon - purple tongue differentiates - Oliver loves to explore & give love, kisses & full body hugs!  Potty trained & ready for his basic commands.