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W H I T E   P E O N Y   F A R M

Saving More Lives with a Lil Building in Texas

There is no doubt that we, along with the rest of the Country, are still navigating this "new normal" during COVID-19 which has brought its fair share of challenges and adversities.  Plans and projects have had to be reassessed to accommodate the new climate and we have decided to go in a different direction where our Lil Texas Building is concerned. 

Our committment to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) and the tragic number of at risk pups that find themselves in peril has not diminished. On the contrary, we see the inordinate amount of pups that are trapped in the local shelters and our resolve is as strong as ever and we will continue to rescue from this area that is in such desperate need. BUT we will do it decidedly differently.

 We are currently in negotiation with two different facilities to lease a small building to upfit that would allow us to rescue and triage at risk pups from PVAS, staying in Edinburg a week every month to rescue, provide an initial veterinary assessment and treatment and arrange for these pups to Foster in Edinburg and back East. We will be putting this in action during our 12 week trip to the RGV that begins in September. 

 To be able to pivot in this climate of uncertainty ensures that we will continue to have the ability to rescue in the RGV where the need is so great. Our appreciation for your support of this endeavor and to the at risk pup is immeasurable.  Imagine seeing the fruits of YOUR donation in the bouncing lives and adoption stories of these pups...a worthy endeavor indeed. 

Please take a moment  and make a life saving donation.  Thank you,