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W H I T E   P E O N Y   F A R M

Saving More Lives with a Lil Building in Texas

Our committment to the Rio Grande Valley (RGV) Canine Community and the tragic number of at risk pups has been cemented on our '2020 SAVE a PUP TEXAS ROAD TRIP'.  With the lack of Fosters in this area and the desperate needs of the  Canine Community, there is only ONE way to make a difference - and that was to pursue  a WHITE PEONY FARM rescue location in the RGV. And after MONTHS of searching, we have found the PERFECT location...

 A 9,500 sqaure foot stand-alone building, on a 2.5 acre fenced in property. We stumbled upon this location, quite by accident and feel that it was just waiting for us to find it. This size  space will not only allow us to rescue, but to conduct training, both obedience and behavioral, to ensure that each pup is prepared for his forever home.  A space dedicated to our Spay & Neuter Campaign, warehouse space to manufacture & house our  WHITE PEONY FARM retail line  and lastly a space for play, so important for a healthy pup. 

We are currently working on schematics of the space so that we can share our vision  with all of you.  Should you have any questions about this build, please reach out to us on our Contact Form. Our appreciation for your support of this endeavor and to the at risk pup is immeasurable.  Imagine seeing the fruits of YOUR donation in the bouncing lives and adoption stories of these pups...a worthy endeavor indeed. 

Please take a moment  and make a life saving donation.  Thank you,