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W H I T E   P E O N Y   F A R M


The impact a loving foster has on a transitioning pup lasts a lifetime. While these animals heal from being a shelter dog and any medical issues they may have, our amazing Fosters are the life blood of WHITE PEONY FARM. We cover the costs of all medical expenses. If you have a loving heart and home, a patient spirit and time to devote to a WHITE PEONY FARM pup we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at the info link below for our application. 


All the love, healing and care has been given to our WHITE PEONY FARM rescue and the time has come to find their permanent, loving home. When a pup and a prospective adopter connect, it is truly a beautiful thing. If you are looking to add to your family, whether you are a single person or a larger crew, a rescue pup will fill your home with a special love that you will find nowhere else.  A lifetime commitment to a once betrayed pup is a must  and we will do all we can to ensure success by introducing  you to a pup where compatibility is key. We have several sweet pups ready for adoption and are happy to discuss them with you in detail, as well as send you an adoption application.  Please connect with us at our info address below.