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W H I T E   P E O N Y   F A R M


In the Fall of 2020 we traveled 1,540 miles on our '2020 SAVE a PUP RGV TEXAS ROAD TRIP' from Raleigh, NC  to the Rio Grande Valley of  TX, a bastion of homeless and at risk shelter pups. We hit the ground running on Day 1 and it became instantly apparent that a permanet commitment to the RGV was necessary. So we are here to stay with a significant on-going commitment with our Lil Texas Building. We need to be here, and we're here to make a difference. Pure and simple.

 The RIO GRANDE VALLEY in SOUTH TEXAS is one of the fastest growing areas in the country, YET it has an ugly reputation. In addition to a tragic population of homeless pups that roam the streets, owner-surrendered dogs arrive at one of the largest Animal Shelters in the US, Palm Valley Animal Services;  too old, too young, too much work, too sick...the excuses that cause these betrayals are never ending. We discovered beautiful Charlotte (above pic) had been roaming the streets for years having litter after litter until we came along and changed her (and her pups) life.

   Change takes BOLD action and we are up for the challenge. Our agenda will evolve as we continue to assess the needs of the Canine Community. However,  these Top 5 Talking Points define our journey's goals:






We'll be advocating for the at risk pup and a growing epidemic of unwanted dogs across America.   Given the opportunity, we will meet with members of the communities, because we know that meaningful change starts at the grass roots level. 

In addition to our daily updates on Social Media, you'll be able to find out about what we're doing in detail on our soon to be available weekly PODCAST:


One of our  most ambitious platforms is our SPAY & NEUTER campaign. Although low cost S&N is available in the region it is underutilized and we aim to change that through community involvement, education and underwriting the cost for those in need.  We KNOW that THIS is where the epidemic of unwanted pups can begin to turn the tide.  One Spayed Female and one Neutered Male can save thousands unwanted pups from winding up in shelters or worse. 

In addition to all the above, we will be RESCUING at risk pups, vetting them medically and having them heal while preparing them for their eventual forever homes, with our  LIL TEXAS BUILDING,  a game-changer for the at risk pup in the RGV. 

Ambitious? You bet. We are not doing this because it is easy. To bring awareness to this epidemic of unwanted pups in the US and to make a physical difference while doing so is why we're here. We find this unacceptable and it's time for a change.   We could NEVER do this alone.  We need our supporters to get involved through Sponsorship, Donations, Fosters and Volunteers.  Be part of the change you want to see. Learn more by contacting us at the info address below.