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W H I T E   P E O N Y   F A R M

Saving Lives - One Dog at a Time

Welcome to the official website of WHITE PEONY FARM, INC,  a N.C.  registered, not-for-profit rescue dedicated to the rescue and welfare of at-risk shelter pups in Eastern North Carolina, Memphis, Tennessee and  Southeast Texas.  3.3 Million healthy & adoptable dogs find themselves in US shelters each year.    We are here to make a difference.  Won't YOU join us?


The overcrowded shelter does not discriminate. Young or old, healthy or sick,  blind or deaf, each pup is mere days away from euthanasia. Every pup that is rescued by WHITE PEONY FARM is a victory - the live-outcome number was changed that day and we celebrate. This is a new beginning for this deserving animal. They are now a WHITE PEONY FARM pup.


The majority of the pups that are rescued by WHITE PEONY FARM have been sadly neglected, coming to us with ortho injuries, skin ailments, HW issues and more.  Some conditions are remedied quite easily while others take a slow road to wellness.  While these pups recover from shelter life and heal, they are cared for by one of our amazing fosters, the life blood of our rescue. 


The only day that is celebrated more than the day of rescue, is the day one of our pups finds their forever home.  Finding not just a home but the right home is our one-minded goal. As the day arrives there are tears, but tears of joy. They have reached their destination - a forever family of their own. One to love and be loved by.   Each one of these beautiful animals has touched our souls and we are better people for it.